Pixal WAXDAO Farm

Pixals currently have non-custodial staking via WaxDAO (for a bonus 0.25 PXJ an hour per Pixal)

Our first Pixal NFT Staking Farm on WaxDAO started out 18th of March 2024, and distributes 0.25 PXJ/hour for each Pixal staked. The staking is non-custodial, meaning that the Pixal PFPs remain in stakers wallets (and can for example be listed on markets simultaniously with staking).

Our first Pixal farm there was a V1 Farm, which had a 5000 asset staking limit while Pixals were getting minted, and while we prepared for the next PxJourney NFT Farming phase with our Pixel Collectibles.

New Pixal staking farm coming soon!

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