Pixel Staking

Both Pixel Packs & Single Pixel NFTs will become stakeable via the WaxDAO NFT-staking farms πŸ§‘β€πŸŒΎ

As part of season 1, we will introduce WaxDAO and the features there, from where we'll setup farms for certain of our templates to become stakeable for $PXJ and Wax.

These templates/schemas will initally be the Pixel Packs (that the Pixal PFPs blend into), and soon after to include the single pixels that the packs unpack into as well.

  • Packs will initially generate at minimum 5 PXJ per hour

  • Single Basic Pixels (Red - Blue - Yellow) will generate at minimum 1 PXJ per hour (making each pack unpacked generate 10 PXJ per hour by baseline)

  • Upgraded Single Pixels (secondary/tertiary colors such as green - purple - cyan) will stake for their components power + 50% per step of upgrade

Pixel Upgrades will happen via blends on NeftyBlocks, and will be quite intuitive (e.g. red + blue pixels produce purple pixels .. each step upgrading single pixels rarity)

Further details on these mechanics will be announced once pixel pools are setup, single pixels can be unpacked and their blends are enabled.

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