Pixel Collectibles

Apart from our collectible Pixal PFPs, we'll meet many other collectibles along our Pixel Journey

Most of the collectibles further along in the journey will be obtainable in the following ways:

  1. Via occasional random Pixal PFP Trait airdrop-rewards

  2. Via TacoSwap NFT-staking rewards

  3. Via events and giveaways on our servers/Twitters

  4. Via blends/crafts made available along the way on NeftyBlocks blends and NFTHive crafts

Each collectible may end up having widely different crafting demands, as well as mint-availability, and will be announced via our channels well ahead of becoming unlockable.

Most of our most common crafts will be in a supply that is unlikely to run out, and may continue till their duration/seasons expire. In the other end more exclusive crafts along the way may end up selling out quickly, or having a small sale window of availability, so those interested collectors will need to be ready for, and quick to claim.

As an extra special feature among certain of our Pixal PFP (background) traits; Holders of certain traits will automatically have an added chance of occasionally getting pixelated photography (initially mainly from Piga) airdropped.

These pixelpromo/collectibles will be among the first of our upgradable NFTs, and you can read more about how that works in this Next following section.

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