Pixel Recycling & Crafting

Pixels don't just appear out of nowhere on this journey (just yet, anyway)!

A mechanic we'll start out utilizing quite a lot will be "recycling" (or blending) of NFTs. Most/all of our assets will be reusable, or upgradable, into new things as we move along. The Pixal PFPs will primarily be the key to open up for the Pixel Journeys economy via their early-exclusive access to PixelPacks here for Season 1. Our $PXJ token will similarly be a core resource needed at every step of the recycling/crafting routes of our Pixel Journey.

The Pixal PFPs will be burnable for Single Pixel Pack NFTs, which will further be unpackable to claim the 10 NFTs within.

These single pixels will be directly stakable for our $PXJ token as well, they'll be upgradable to unlock special pixel colors, and be a core ingredient for many of the craftables that will become available from the Wax Blockchain.

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